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Birthdate:Sep 21
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Me, Myself and I

I think I'm a lot like the leather I love to wear. I have a strong and resilient exterior that shields me from the harsh glare of living in today's society while masking a core that's soft and maliable enough to recognize the wonders and blessings to be found in living one's life to the fullest. For those special few who take the time to get past the rough exterior, I'm a loyal friend who'll both support and protect them to the best of my ability. I accept people for who they are without preconceived notions of who they should be or who I wish they were. Life is simply too short to spend it pining for things that will never be or worrying about what ifs. My personal motto is 'live and let live.' Personally, I believe I can best be described as idiosyncratic. I'm originally from a little town called Westminster in the wonderful state of South Carolina. At the moment, I'm in Scotland with my husband and three sons. I have a wide variety of interests, and I'm completely insane. So, welcome to my insanity.

My Writing
I write B/J fanfic. Some might say I write unusual B/J fanfic, because I don't always follow Canon rules or timelines. I am a huge sci-fi fan and find it interesting to place QAF people into other universes. I also write some original stories and poetry, however, I do not profess to be a poet. My writing is strictly for my own enjoyment. I love writing and I hope there are some people who enjoy reading what I write.

Favorite Quote
To define is to limit.
-Oscar Wilde

My Mottos
Live and let live, because yesterday is histroy, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift...that's why it's called the present.
I don't care what's under the hood as long as it feels good.
I don't care what you believe in as long as you believe.

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80s music, adam baldwin, alternative lifestyles, angel, animal welfare, anita blake, anne rice, bdsm, bi-sexuality, bisexuality, bondage, books, bourne trilogy, brian kinney, brokeback mountain, cats, charmed, chris owen, christian mann, christian/oliver, classic rock, comedy, cooking, counting crows, crafts, creativity, creature fics, dancing, daniel radcliffe, david boreanaz, dean koontz, dean winchester, discipline, domination, dominic purcell, dr. simon tam, draco malfoy, dragons, drama, dresden files, education, fanfiction, fantasy, fiction, firefly, forbidden love, friends, gale harold, gay, gay erotica, gay rights, graphics, halloween, harry potter, harry&draco, heroes, hiking, horror, internet, james marsters, james patterson, jared padalecki, jayne cobb, jensen ackles, jo weil, johanna lindsey, justin taylor, kate beckinsale, kids, kink, kissing, lesbian, lincoln burrows, lush, magic, malcolm reynolds, martial arts, matt damon, michael scofield, movies, music, mystery, nathan fillion, nip/tuck, obedience, oliver sabel, one tree hill, pagan, polyamory, pony boys, power exchange, prison break, qaf, queer as folk, randy harrison, reading, robin cook, robin hood, sam winchester, sandra bullock, sci-fi, science fiction, sean maher, serenity, slash fanfiction, smallville, southern rock, spanking, spike, star wars, stephen king, submission, supernatural, the 4400, thore schölermann, tigers, tom felton, u2, underworld, unicorns, vampires, verbotene liebe, wentworth miller, wiccan, wolves, writing, x-files
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