Jul. 11th, 2008 06:28 pm
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For now, I'm taking over the day-to-day operation of for Cael. I want to apologize upfront for my lack of technical skills, but I do have some friends who are attempting to beat the knowledge I need into my brain; however, until I learn how to do things the easy way, I'll have to rely on doing things the only way I know how. I don't mean to put any extra work on the authors, so I hope you guys will bear with me until I learn the ropes.

There was a huge list of stories to be validated, and I've went through them all. You may want to check your junk mail as I've been told the emails sent from wind up in the junk mail. I sent out emails explaining what was wrong and asking for the problem to be fixed before resubmitting. I hope you guys don't take offense because I didn't write a whole lot on the emails, just what was wrong...if you'd seen the list I was dealing with you'd understand.

If you have any complaints, concerns, or questions dealing with the site please email me at If you have any questions, concerns, or complaints about my stories or if you just want to gab, then use my personal email. I would really appreciate it if you wouldn't bombard my personal email with site business.

If you submit a story and it isn't validated within 24 hours, please email me at and let me know. I will try to validate at least once a day, more often if I have the opportunity, but just in case...give me a little reminder. If you posted a story that still hasn't been put up on the site, it's been deleted. There must have been a problem with the formatting or something, so take a look at your story again and resubmit. If you continue to have problems with getting your stories validated, and you haven't received an email from the site, then something is wrong with the email system there, so email the bjfiction email and let me know and we'll figure it out together.

The submission rules are still the same...nothing has changed except you'll be dealing directly with me instead of Cael. Just remember guys, I have a life and I make mistakes. I'm not perfect, but I will treat everyone fairly, and I expect you to give me the same courtesy. Thank you so much for your time.
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